About Us

Surfboard LifeguardEquinox Surfboards offers a full range of surfboards for all abilities and levels of experience; what’s more our distinct style is unmatched in the marketplace. Whether you are brand new to surfing and want to catch your first wave, if you've been around for a while and want a lazy day on some mushy waves, or if you are an experienced surfer that wants to carve up some high performance waves, we offer something for everyone.

With shapes ranging from Retro Fish, Mini-Longboards, Funboards, Eggs, and Longboards there is something for all ability levels ranging from the beginner to the high performance riders.We're located in the surfing capitol of the world, Southern California.
Equinox Surfboards is something we always wanted a surf shop to be … a place where you can check out the most comprehensive collection of cutting-edge and classic inventory, get exactly what you want and get it for a great price. It’s just like walking through an entire warehouse of boards and coming out with the perfect surfboard, except everything gets shipped right to your door!
Our boards are hand shaped by professionals and of the same quality & craftsmanship as the boards you'll see in local surf shops, but brought to you at a fraction of the price. Our goal is to make sure that every surfer is able to find the perfect board for their ability AND their lifestyle. 

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