Check out this guy named Jimbo Pellegrine. Guy must be pushing 350 lbs and rips. I don't think too many guys would have the balls to stand up to this guy if he cut you off. Word is he is from San Clemente, CA but moved to Indo to live the life.  I wish he was riding one of our Big Boy Shortboard surfboards 


When people refer to Malibu they typically are referring to Surfrider Beach on Pacific Coast Highway (US 1) in the town of Malibu.  This spot is as iconic to surfing as Duke K and it’s popularity is only dwarfed by the wave quality.  Regarded as one of the world class breaks in Southern California, 100’s of surfers descend on this place on a given Summer weekend and it’s not uncommon to have 500 plus surfers in the water on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Although crowds do thin slightly during the week, when the surf is crankin’ the break is packed giving it the well deserved nickname “Malizoo”. 

The cobblestone sea floor keeps the wave quality consistent while a S/SW swell is the desire direction.  When the surf kicks up, it is not uncommon to get 100 yard rides.  There are a variety of different waves at Malibu with the steeper faster ones coming in on the outside section while slower mushier surf rolls through as you get closer to the pier.  While most surfers are riding longboard surfboards, smaller boards will work depending on wave size and where you paddle out.  Malibu does have some localism but with large amount of surfers, it’s hard to enforce.  Just be respectful and watch out for others and you will have a great time.

Is Malibu a good spot for beginners?  This is a good spot if you stay towards the inside and jump on some of the shoulders that run through.  With a basic understanding of surfing etiquette, you should have no problem catching a few slow rollers coming through.  Another alternative for beginner's is Sunset surf break a few miles to the south. 



Surf pic of the Week.

Equinox Surfboards teams up with CODA Automotive for free surfboard giveaway. The longboard on top of the car is a 8'6" Longboard Surfboard - Legend.

CODA Automotive is a privately held company headquartered in Southern California that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery systems purpose-built for transportation and utility applications. Our vision is to be the key technology provider to reduce global dependence on oil and the harmful social, economic and environmental consequences that follow. Our focus is green technology. Our team is a group of technology-minded innovators with over a millennium of automotive experience dedicated to accelerating the adoptions of electric vehicles.

Riley Blakeway put together this three part epic in Fiji featuring Kelly, Taj, Chippa, and Jay Davies as they each give us a glimpse into how it’s done on some of the perfect waves Fiji has to offer. Riley’s work piecing together this finely shot surfing is pure inspiration.

Fiji Vignette 3/3 from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

Surfing China's River Wave - The "Silver Dragon".  I'm not to sure of the water quality but fun shaped waves.  Hopefully you don't catch too many diseases. 



 Retro Fish Surfboard

We get this question all the time and wanted to address, “Is a Retro Fish Surfboard a good choice for a beginner”.  There is no simple answer.  If you are referring to a 6'0" 190 lbs person who is trying to ride a 5'10" retro fish, the answer is no.  If you are referring to a 5'7" 150 lbs person who is considering a 6'10" retro fish, the answer might be yes.  There are many factors to consider when looking at retro fish surfboards.  We believe this shape is the best for surfers who have gotten through the fresh beginner stage are looking to move to a smaller board. 

We highly recommend retro fish surfboards for those who are comfortable catching waves with a funboard, mini-longboard, or longboard and are looking to move down to more of a shortboard feel.  Retro fish surfboards are great as transitional boards because they still offer the responsiveness of a shortboard but have the paddle power of the longer board.  Typical thicknesses of retro fish surfboards range from 2-3/4” – 3-1/4” which provide the ease of paddle characteristic. 

Choosing a beginner board is always stressful but it doesn’t have to be.  To receive a custom recommendation on beginner surfboards please contact us at

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