Professional Surfer Rob Machado or Robert Edward Machado who hails from a San Diego Country community found in Encinitas, California was born in Sydney, Australia in 1973 on October 16.

He went to San Dieguito High School where he was popularly known for his carefree attitude in the water and on land. Although he now typically rides a modern shortboard surfboards, people still refer to him as ‘soul surfer’ and this is due to his easy style which gave him the alias ‘Mr. Smoothy.’ In addition to shortboard surfboards, he is experimental trying crazy shapes from egg surfboards, retro fish surfboards, longboard surfboards, alaias, and everything in between.  He is considered one of the professional best goofy footers.

Rob Machado has been victorious in several professional surfers’ high-status contests and this includes the Triple Crown of Surfing – Pipeline Masters (Hawaii). Under his belt there is also U.S. Open of Surfing which is the largest event in surfing held on the mainland of the US. The competition that he won in Huntington Beach in 2006 was one only one of many and this followed right behind his 2006 win in the Pipeline Monster Energy Professional on the North Shore of Oahu. In addition, he was a member of the ‘West’ team which came out victorious in the surfing competition of the Summer X Games in 2006; this is staged in Mexico yearly and simply known as ‘The Game’

Although a retiree from World Championship Tour (WCT), he was one of the main contenders until a few years ago when injuries started to deter him. Nonetheless, he ended in the world’s top three rankings twice at the end of the year. Since his retirement, he has focused on a limited amount of surfing competitions but rather focused his energy on free surfing. His remarkable skill is displayed in films, videos and surfing magazines and this allow him to remain in the eye of the public as well as one of surfing's favorite people.

Rob is the host and a participant in a yearly event, Rob Machado Surf Classic and Beach Fair, staged on his home ground. This amateur competition includes locals of any ages as well as demo sittings with professionals including Rob. He also spends time with his children to give them pointers and guidelines. A Queen and King is crowned for the best performances overall.

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