The long period swell from June 7th put a hurting on some of the Newport Wedge locals.  And thank god the cameras were there to catch all the chaos that ensued. 



Check out this guy named Jimbo Pellegrine. Guy must be pushing 350 lbs and rips. I don't think too many guys would have the balls to stand up to this guy if he cut you off. Word is he is from San Clemente, CA but moved to Indo to live the life.  I wish he was riding one of our Big Boy Shortboard surfboards 


Surf pic of the Week.

Riley Blakeway put together this three part epic in Fiji featuring Kelly, Taj, Chippa, and Jay Davies as they each give us a glimpse into how it’s done on some of the perfect waves Fiji has to offer. Riley’s work piecing together this finely shot surfing is pure inspiration.

Fiji Vignette 3/3 from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

Surfing China's River Wave - The "Silver Dragon".  I'm not to sure of the water quality but fun shaped waves.  Hopefully you don't catch too many diseases. 



I know it's been out for a while, but a great surf travel / lifestyle video.

Castles in the Sky - OFFICIAL Surf Teaser - Taylor Steele from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

A day at one of the world's best lefts with Marc Lacomare, Alain Riou & Aritz Aranburu.

Song- Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone

Shot & Edited- Jimmy Graham/FMG

Additional Footage- Jason Hearn

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