Good people at Equinox,

Just thought I'd drop you a line. Through a friend (Rich P. of Forest Lake, as my Japanese credit card would not work in your payment system) I bought one of your quad fish boards, a 5-10 Coalition. It was inexpensive so I thought I'd keep the board around my mom's home in Irvine for when I visited from Japan. I thought the 6 & 6 oz glass would make for heavier than necessary but figured it'd be durable and good to keep around so what the hell.  I took the board out in Huntington in overhead, Trestles shoulder +, and out in Oceanside above the pier at the first jetty in head high. Caught took off on the first big pumper that I paddled for and never looked back.  I ended up bringing the board back to Japan and have taken it out a number of times in the last week and really enjoyed it.

Now I'm gonna have to buy another board for when I visit Irvine next time.  I'll be in touch.

Saw your ad in either Surfline or MSW and that's how I found your site.  I grew up in Torrance and lived in Manhattan Bch and El Porto so I noticed your Hermosa address immediately.  Good onya guys and best wishes.

Michael K.
Onjuku, Chiba, Japan





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