EQUIPMENT:   One of the most important factors in learning to noseride is having the correct equipment.  Having a broad nose and a nose scoop will definitely help you progress faster.  Having a board that is too short and not designed correctly will make for some frustrating waves.  Here are some of the best Equinox Longboards for Noseriding. 

CORRECT WAVE:   In addition to picking the correct board, the second most important factor is to find the right wave suited for longboarding. Ultimately this wave should be long, mellow, and flat.  Attempting to learn on a powerful beachbreak is not advised and can make learning very frustrating.  At this point I will assume that you know the basics of surfing and catching a wave.
SETTING UP:   Setting up off the bottom turn is very important as being in the right position in the pocket will high determine how successful the noseride is.  If needed fade back towards the peak of the wave before turning back down the line.  Bottom turning with too much power might propel you out to the flat while not enough power will not put you into the pocket. 
MAKE YOUR MOVE:   Determining when to make your move to the front of the board will dictate whether you bog down and pearl or sucessfully pull it off.   You want to make your move once you feel the board trimming down the line at approximately the same speed as the wave.  You should draw a line at a slight angle back up the face of the wave.  Once your board starts nearing the top of the wave gently move forward on the board keeping your feet ever-so slightly on the wave edge of the board.  At this point you want to make a few quick steps to the front but remember walk lightly.  Cross stepping, just as the name sounds is the most stylish of methods to get to the nose. If you are positioned correctly the board will remain at the same pace and your weight will be on the nose.
HANGIN OUT:   Now you are on the nose and many small adjustments will be made.  You will need to make slight movements to keep the board moving down the line with speed.  Move slightly back if you start bogging.  Try one foot on the nose to see how that feels.  Got more confidence, move both feet up front and stand tall. 

MOVING BACK:   Now you have camped out on the nose but the wave is starting to die a little and you need to get back.  Gently cross step to be back of the board while keeping your eye down the line.  It's OK to look down at your feet but try to refain from looking back as this might throw off your balance.  Once you are back try a nice smooth cutback and set up for the next section. 

Check out the video below for some great noseriding in action. 

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  • Posted by Caroline on August 25, 2012

    I am just learning but can trim point breaks on my 8" and have a blast doing it. It makes sense that you have to wait until you match the wave’s speed, the video is great too. Made me want to stand at the front of my board this morning! Now I just need some long waves.

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