El Porto Surf spot located in Manhattan Beach, CA is a great surf spot for many reasons. It offers a quality wave for all ability levels. If you are a beginner surfer looking to catch your first waves, the inside section has many sand bar which break the waves and allow beginners to practice getting to their feet on the white wash.  Grab your longboard, mini-longboard, or funboard and head on out! Once you have progressed from beginner to intermediate skill level, you can move to the outside impact zone. Depending on the season and movement of sand, this area can be firing! Tides also play an important role in making the waves mushy or closing out. If you want to test your ability level, make your way down to El Porto during the winter months. Typically the waves remain much bigger during this time, so your shortboard surfboard is a must. The picture from above is from El Nino winter. The order vibe at Porto is pretty easy going if you follow the most basic surfing etiquette. Get out there and enjoy the waves.
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